Laser Courses

Laser Practitioner Diploma

Includes Level 2 Facials, Level 3 Facial Electrics & Level 4 Laser.

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Level 4 Laser & IPL Treatments

Necessary Qualification to enter the world of Lasers & IPL.

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Level 4 Laser Fast Track

Intense course in Laser/IPL.

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Level 5 Laser Tattoo Removal

Qualification to become a Laser Tattoo removal specialist.

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Advanced Laser Diploma

Advance your Laser skills from Fungal Nail to Body Contouring.

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Laser Body Sculpting

Covers Ice Lipo, Ultra Sound Cavitation & Radio Frequency.

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Level 4 Laser Skin Treatments

Focuses on Rejuvenation of the skin using Lasers & IPL.

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Level 4 Laser Hair Removal

Focuses on reducing hair growth using Lasers & IPL.

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Level 4 Laser, Skin & Electrolysis

Covers Laser, IPL, Electrolysis, Blemish Removal & Micro.

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Level 4 Laser & Level 3 Anatomy

Includes Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology & Level 4 Laser.

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Laser Core of Knowledge

Fundamental course on the safe use of Lasers & IPL.

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Training Videos

Training on Laser Tattoo Removal

  • Students perform Laser Tattoo Removal on Ankle
  • Q-Switched Laser used with Ice cooling to cool epidermis
  • Clinical Endpoints: Looking for blanching, some whitening of the tattoo, you will see this in the practical. 
  • After care advice was provided to the client. 

Training on Leg Veins

  • The key to successful treatment on Leg Veins is knowing the diameter of the veins. 
  • The students start by measuring the veins using a vein gauge card and then choose the appropriate parameters to treat those veins.
  • End result: reached good clinical endpoints, the blood vessel coagulated and did not refill after performing the Blanche test.

Training on Sunspots & Freckles on Arms

  • This is superficial pigment that lies in the epidermis and easy for the Laser to target and clear.
  • Using the Alexandrite Laser which has a very good melanin absorption.
  • Students use a hole punched paper to mask the surrounding area.
  • No cooling is used before or during the treatment, to heat the pigment up.
  • Clinical endpoints, popping sound, darkening of the pigment, peri-lesional erythema.

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